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Community Fibre the ultimate alternative for delivering ultra high speed Internet in Axarquia.

Our revolutionary multi-gigabit wireless technology delivers ultra high speed Internet directly to the community head-end, where our fibre optic distribution hub connects up-to 1000 homes using the latest direct FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) technology.

This revolutionary technology leapfrogs all other solutions to effectively and rapidly deliver full-on fibre optic internet for rural communities and areas with poor telecommunications infrastructure.
Traditional internet from phone and cable companies is delivered over long copper cable which run back to their facility. With bb4s Air-Fiber™ internet is delivered using a fixed wireless platform, the fastest point between two locations is over air, and this is never more truer than in Axarquia where mountainous and winding roads make installation of copper cables financially unviable for the large operators. No one can deliver your data faster back to their network operations centre than bb4s’s Air–Fiber™. We’re not afraid to talk about upload speeds like our legacy cable and copper competitors, no one can deliver faster upload speeds. bb4s is actively seeking communities who are looking for a fast, reliable high speed Internet solution. Air-Fiber Internet is currently sold to groups/communities with a minimum of 20 homes on a 2 year contract initial install costs 350€ for home owners followed by a monthly fee of 35€.

Wireless, no land-line required. Using the latest 5G wireless technology, Broadband4spain delivers low cost, fast, reliable Internet services without the need for a land-line.

The Service

50 Mbps+ download speed
50 Mbps+ upload speed
Free Telephone service (Pay only for you calls)
Free European TV Feeds (receiver box extra)
Internet TV and VOD (Video On Demand) compatible
VoIP, IRC, MSN, Skype, Dropbox, Facebook, GoogleTalk
are all compatible
Very low latency ideal for online games, WoW, X-Box
Unlimited data transfer, no monthly limits
Fast and reliable connection

The Technology

Revolutionary Gigabit community backhaul, using
256QAM wireless technology.
Gigabit fibre hub delivers fibre optic broadband
directly to the home/business.
very high availability (better than 99.8% typical)
Low latency ( Suitable for all high-speed Internet applications
Symmetric connection (Upload speed same as

The Installation

Within 30 days (Subject to survey and contract)
Professional install by bb4s engineers


Standard package 50Mbps symmetric internet
Business packages available with speed up to

The Cost

Installation POA

35€+IVA per month.
Initial contract period 18 months
Unlimited data, No Unexpected bills.
No usage charges
Local rate support calls
Pay month by month
Pay by secure direct debit
Pay by debit or credit card
Pay by quarterly cash

The Equipment

Simple wall socket connected via fibre optic
cable to the community hub.
Powerful 300 Mbps Dual Band ABGN WiFi “n”
Router (Secure home set-up)
Integral telephone socket.

*No data limits

If you use a “dongle”, a mobile data tariff, or certain other wireless internet providers, you will have a limit on the amount of data you can download and upload (usually 5Gbytes per month). Use over your limit and your connection will be disconnected, and / or an unexpected bill for the extra data.

*UK IP address

We provide a UK IP address to help you view UK content

*Clearer VOIP calls

bb4s in conjunction with our technology partners and Skype have Skypeboost tm for clearer VOIP telephone calls