The free calls

Free calls to regular UK landlines.
Free calls to regular Spanish landlines.
Free calls to regular European landlines.
Free calls to regular American and
Canadian landlines & mobiles.
Free calls to regular Australian and
New Zealand landlines.

The low cost mobile calls

Special low rates to all European mobiles.
All mobile rates significantly cheaper than Skype.
Cheaper mobile calls than Vonage.

The equipment

Free Voice mail service
ISDN digital land-line call quality
Standard phone socket, works like a land-line.
Compatible with desk and cordless phone sets.
Normal domestic usage policy, no hard limits

The billing

No per call connection fees.
Per second billing.
No rounding-up of call charges.
Regular monthly billing, fully itemised statements.
Free UK number: your friends can call you at UK local
BB4S phones – the easy choice.
Free UK local rate number, your friends can call you
from just 3p/min*.
Optional European & Spanish local numbers.

The costs

Only €18.26 (incl. IVA) per month.
Free Installation.
Free UK number.
Local Spanish number.
Other European numbers available from €5.00.
*0844 Standard charge from a BT land-line other
providers may charge more.
Friendly local support.

*regular landline numbers, domestic use only.